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Investment Property Considerations

  • Location first, property second.
  • Investment property down payment is on average a minimum of 15 – 20%. Your down payment is based on your credit score, income, and debt-to-income ratio.
  • 1% Rule – In a real estate investment, your monthly rental income should be equal to 1% of your initial investment plus your improvement costs. i.e. your investment plus improvements = $300,000. Your monthly rental income should be $3,000.
  • Expenses – Investment property incurs regular and some unexpected expenses. Fixed expenses are insurance, taxes, and property management fees. Variable expenses are generally unexpected repair costs.
  • Property Management – If your time is limited and have no experience managing tenants, property management may be worth the additional expense.

Investment property risks

  • Having to pay upfront for expensive repairs
  • Increase in property taxes
  • Economy changes
  • Bad tenants resulting in expensive repair and eviction costs.

Tip: Be sure to have some wiggle room with your finances so you can deal with unexpected expenses.

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